Privacy Policy

“Personal information” means information that is personally identifiable to individuals and includes contact (name, address, email address, telephone number, plans, specifications and other particulars about your home and any other relevant information which is necessary to provide you with our products and services, etc.), demographic, preference and transaction-related information.


Capilongo Fine Homes Use of This Personal Information

Your personal information may be used for any of the following reasons in order to complete any business transaction/relationship we begin together.

  • To communicate with you.
  • To understand your needs.
  • To promote and offer our products or services that meet your needs or that might be of interest to individuals based on information provided and approved by Capilongo Fine Homes.
  • To conduct, process, and complete transactions with our customers.

Capilongo Fine Homes may, from time to time, contact individuals by electronic format, regular mail, or telephone for any of the purposes listed above.


Disclosure of Personal Information by Capilongo Fine Homes

Capilongo Fine Homes does not sell, rent, or trade personal information that it collects and will not knowingly disclose personal information to any third parties except in the following circumstances:

  • When Capilongo Fine Homes has received consent to do so or under limited circumstances specifically described at such time as personal information is collected.
  • When Capilongo Fine Homes, in good faith, believes the law permits or requires such disclosure.
  • To professional advisors or to any other Third Parties in order to complete transactions.
  • These Third Parties and their respective employees are only provided with such personal information as is necessary to perform the services for which they have been contracted and are restricted from using the personal information for any other purpose.
  • In the event of the sale of Capilongo Fine Homes, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets.
  • At such time as personal information is no longer required for the purposes stated in our Privacy Statement or other statutory requirements, such personal information will be returned or destroyed.
Capilongo Fine Homes Safeguarding of Personal Information

Capilongo Fine Homes has taken measures to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information as are appropriate in the circumstances. Personal information is stored in confidential databases. Security measures are in place to protect personal information under the care of Capilongo Fine Homes from loss, misuse, and alteration of such information. Capilongo Fine Homes does not assume any liability for interception, alteration or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet. Capilongo employees are restricted from using and disclosing personal information collected by Capilongo Fine Homes other than in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Assessing Personal Information

You have the right to access, verify and correct or amend all of your personal information collected by Capilongo Fine Homes and we believe that it is imperative that personal information be as accurate, complete, and up to date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is collected. We encourage individuals to amend inaccuracies and make corrections in their personal information collected by our company. To access, verify, and correct or amend personal information, please contact the Privacy Officer at Capilongo Fine Homes.

How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint with Capilongo Fine Homes concerning the collection, use, and/or disclosure of personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer. All complaints will be investigated by Capilongo Fine Homes Privacy Officer as soon as is practical in the circumstances. Individuals will be notified of the outcome of the investigation and the relevant steps taken or to be taken as a result of a complaint.

Privacy Officer Contact Information

All inquiries, amendments, complaints, or contact for any other reason regarding this Privacy Statement should be addressed as follows:

By email:
By phone: +1-416-771-2189

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